10 Clever Microwave Tips


You know all those splatters inside your microwave that take hours to clean and lots of scrubbing? You don’t have to put up with them any longer. A friend of mine shared this video with me and I think I might be in love. I never heard of many of the ideas, particularly the one to help prevent splatters. I’ll be cleaning the inside less and enjoying my microwave more with that idea. In fact, even if you’ve just heated something that smells up the insides, there’s also a trick to help solve that problem.

While I’ve used the homemade microwave popcorn hack and found it worked really well—in fact, I still have everything I need to make homemade microwave popcorn in my cupboard—I no longer microwave popcorn since a family member gave me a popcorn popper that just requires you to turn a handle to create perfect fluffy popcorn.

It’s not easier, I just like it better and can melt the extra butter to drizzle over the top in the pan. There are so many fantastic ideas, including one that will knock your socks off, particularly if you always find the center of your microwave food cold in the center. If you’re a potato chip lover, you’ll love this video. The Household Hacker has it down and you’ll find ways to save time, money and energy by just knowing these microwave hacks.

Credit: Householdhacker