16 Tips To Extend Shelf Life of your Groceries

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Nothing compares to fresh food and unfortunately even the tastiest meals are no longer appealing if they spend too much time in the open. The same goes to vegetables, fruits and cooked food but while slowing down the course of time is impossible, mitigating its effects is within our reach. I stumbled upon a couple of tips that can greatly extend the shelf life of your foods, while preserving their freshness.

Store Green Onions in Freezer

green-onionsCompletely dry the green onions. Chop them. Put them in an empty plastic water bottle. Store the bottle in the freezer.

Source: Lunchinabox

I always prefer green onions to regular ones and when spring comes, I tend to over-buy them only to discover that I can’t eat the entire bundle. By placing them inside a plastic bottle after drying them completely and putting them in the freezer, they will last long enough to taste as if they were freshly bought.

For regular onion I have another suggestion and although I know that it will bring a couple of smiles, I can’t help but share it with you. Pantyhose are the unlikely storage place for onions, with each vegetable being individually wrapped up with knots between them to preserve freshness.

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