20 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know


I watched this video a couple of times. The first time was a quick watch to see if there was anything worthwhile and I found quite a few ideas. For instance, I now know that I’m using bobby pins, or hair grips as the video say, entirely wrong.

I was placing those with the flat side down and never did get the hold I wanted. The second time I watched it I jotted down a few of the ideas to be a memory jolt. While I won’t remember where I put the list, jotting it down helps me to retain the information better.

I had to laugh at one of the tips on how to keep brushes looking their best after washing them. I learned the same tip from a professional painter, but it was to keep my paint brushes their best. I guess it works for all types of brushes you have to wash. Watch and enjoy; you’re bound to walk away with a few tips you’ll use.

image: Roxxsaurus