3 Flat Belly Drinks To Aid Weight Loss


If you want to blast away belly fat, you’ll find many home remedies that offer great results. In fact, you probably have some remedies in your kitchen. Certain foods can help you boost your metabolism and detox the liver, making it easier to lose belly fat.

It’s important to realize that belly fat isn’t just unsightly and uncomfortable – it’s also a serious health problem.

Belly fat can increase your risk for health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Eating fat-burning spices and foods can help you eliminate that spare tire, so you have a slim, sleek stomach.

Get started by reducing your calorie intake and eliminating items from your diet that lower metabolism and stress the liver. If your liver is stressed, it has a difficult time metabolizing fat properly.

Some foods that can stress your liver include too many carbs, processed foods, caffeine, sodas, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, and sugar. If you want to lose 1-2 pounds each week, reduce your calorie intake by 500-1000 calories. The Mayo Clinic says that this is a safe way to lose weight for long-lasting results.

For Digestive Tea:

  • fennel seeds
  • cumin seeds
  • coriander seeds

Credit: Glamrs

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