3-Ingredient Chicken Dinner Recipe – So Easy to Make


Not only is this dish remarkably delicious, I actually love watching and listening to the One Pot Chef. He’s got this great British accent that makes you think of James Bond if you close your eyes. When they’re open, however, you pretty much know it’s not 007. He is fun though and extremely likable. He also makes dishes that are super easy and fun to make, while also being absolutely delicious.

I made this dish in the oven, but am tempted to try it in a frying pan using coconut oil to fry it. I think that might add even more flavor to the dish. My family all loved the baked version, so I can hardly wait to fry it or barbecue it to keep the heat out of the kitchen. Yummers, I could eat more right now but we ate every bit of the batch I made last night. Bummer.


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