WATCH: 5 Easy Curls/Waves Using a Flat Iron | How To: Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

5 Easy Curls/Waves Using a Flat Iron

There’s a heat-styling tool for every curl pattern we could dream up. However, lucky for those of us with storage space as limited as our budgets, we really only need one: our trusty flat iron.

Yes, you read that correctly, the flat iron โ€” is beyond just straightening, and it blew my mind when YouTuber, liveloveglam come up with five different ways to create super-different curls. From defined loose curls to tight crimped waves, from tight curls to beach waves. I’m officially convinced that there’s nothing a curling iron can do that a flat iron can’t do, too.

To guide you through the easy-peasy steps, you can watch the tutorial below that showcased 5 easy curls or waves using a flat iron.

Credit: liveloveglam