5-Minute Abs Exercise in Bed for a Flat Tummy


I bet that even the biggest fitness junkies among us have had this moment: You’ve just woken up and the thought creeps in…Maybe I could just work out from bed, for a change? When you’re pressed for time, dreading the rain/sleet/snow/whatever weather outside, or just feeling blah about walking to the gym at the moment, it’s tempting. But if you’re quick to dismiss the thought as nothing but a lazy Saturday morning fantasy, you’ll definitely want to check this video.

Apparently you really can get a great workout from bed. And the bed is a great, easy place to get sexy lower abs and hips moves. Plus, the springiness of the mattress provides a little extra dose of resistance.

While these routines will make your muscles quake, you only have to slip out from underneath your comforter to do it — before promptly returning to your Netflix binge minutes later.

Image: Joanna Soh

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