5 Quick Tips You Should Follow When Shopping for Shoes


UGH! Trying to break in a pair of shoes is bad enough, but when you try it on a pair that doesn’t fit right, it’s almost impossible. Getting a good fit is a key to comfort. No matter how stylish the shoe is if it’s not comfortable you won’t look your best.

You’ll have that pained look all the time you’re wearing the shoes and that’s not flattering at all. That’s one reason I loved this video. I loved this video.

It helped me buy the perfect fitting shoe that was also stylish and sumptuous for my evening wear. It felt like I was in heaven all night and I never had to take my shoes off once.

You’ll love the tips in this video. Some are just common sense, but points to remember when shopping for shoes. I know that my feet have gotten bigger as I aged, so it was reassuring to find that was normal and I wasn’t having a growth spurt.

For a while, I was worried I’d be wearing clown shoes by the time I hit 70 or 80. Watch and enjoy your next pair of shoes to the maximum.

Here are 10 tips to help you select shoes that are right for your feet:

image: glamrs

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