7 Natural Household Cleaning Cheats

It is never too early or too late to undertake a major project such as a thorough cleaning of your house, but there are plenty of things that have a deterrent effect. In addition to the sheer amount of work that is required to clean a big house, the absence of proper cleaning products are usually the reason for why we postpone it indefinitely. Personally, I am just as concerned about the ingredients that commercial products contain and the long term effect that they might cause for our health.

That’s why I have embraced homemade remedies which revolve mostly around natural ingredients, as they give me the much needed piece of mind. Lemons for instance work as a charm and are the central ingredient in many cleaning products aimed at turning your kitchen and bathroom into a sterile area. I don’t know of any side-effects of lemon so I use it with confidence and I have the same perception on eucalyptus oil and other essential oils.

Obviously, some compromises need to be made and hydrogen peroxide or castile soap are not exactly natural ingredients, but they are nevertheless essential. Having said this, both of them are more or less harmless and their certain cleaning properties make them the cornerstone of many homemade solutions. Alcohol has many uses and one that doesn’t cause addiction is rubbing it on clothes to remove even the most persistent stains that you can’t possibly impossible get rid of, with conventional cleaning products.

1.) How To Remove Hard Water Stains With A Lemon



2.) How To Remove Carpet Stains With Hydrogen Peroxide


3.) How To Clean Icky Pans With Castile Soap



4.) How To Remove Grease Stains From Clothes



5.) How To Remove Paint Spills & Splatters With Rubbing Alcohol



6.) How To Clean Your Oven Without Harsh Chemicals



7.) How To Fix Scratches In Wood With Two Simple Ingredients



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