7 Salt Life Hacks You Should Know


I thought I knew about every way to use salt from making facial scrubs to seasoning food but found there were a few ways I didn’t know from this video. I think my favorite was cleaning the sponge.

That’s because when I clean gunk off, I always spend almost as much time cleaning the sponge afterward and if it’s bad enough, lots of times I just throw the sponge away rather than face cleaning it.

Wasteful, I know, but some days you just have to do it and I justify it by the age of the sponge, saying it probably already served its useful life when it really didn’t.

You’ll probably recognize some of the ideas. I did know that you throw salt on a grease fire, but the thought of adding salt to baking soda to make a drain cleaner was new. I’ve heard of using baking soda and vinegar alone, but the baking soda is hard to pour down the drain. That wasn’t the case when I added salt to it.

image: householdhacker

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