8 Uses for Silica Gel Packets

When it comes to recycling, I am a true believer and I would do pretty much anything to breathe new life into a gadget or object that appears to be obsolete. In most cases, the most I can do is to take it to a center where the raw materials can be retrieved and used to create identical products or something entirely different. Every now and then I get the chance of going the extra mile and today I’ll share with you my discovery regarding silica gel packets.

One use for them is to salvage a mobile device such as a phone or tablet that had an unfortunate contact with liquid, as the silica gels have the uncanny ability of absorbing all the moist. They can be used for a similar purpose when trying to extend the life of your photos, assuming you are a big fan of traditional ones.


Obviously, what works for photos should work just as well for collectibles and pretty much any documents of importance, when you are forced to keep them in a place where humidity is a major problem. Basically, the silica gel packets are the ultimate moisture absorbents so don’t discard them.

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