Acupressure Points for Irregular Period


There are many reasons for irregular periods. They are infectious or inflammatory diseases, hormonal disorders, exhaustion or obesity, mental stress, vitamin deficiencies, occupational hazards, uncontrolled intake of certain medications, change of climate zone and more.

Acupressure, a self-massage of the points, is drug-free and enables women to perform immediate and cost-effective self-correction of the menstrual cycle. This self-treatment becomes possible when the woman knows the right points and their combinations.

The method works because the active points have an energetic connection with all internal organs of the body. Current scientific research underpins this ancient theory. It shows that all internal organs of human embryo originate from a germ skin layer and preserve a powerful connection with the skin during a lifetime.

Following this, influencing the active points on the body by following a particular scheme enables women to treat internal organs and systems.

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Credit: Yasuko

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