How to Control Diabetes With Acupressure


The human body is like a map with the major points that, when pressed, can stimulate the body’s natural healing and self-curative abilities. Treating diabetes with acupressure is most useful with type 2 diabetes.

This is the kind that can be controlled with diet and exercise. Adding acupressure treatment can help a type 2 diabetes patient reduce his or her need for medication to treat the condition.

Talk to your doctor about adding acupressure to your type 2 diabetes treatment. Most doctors will tell you that acupressure will not cause you any harm, but you should also continue your conventional treatment. Get your doctor’s approval before starting any acupressure therapy.

Focus on increasing your exercise and improving your diet. These are proven methods of controlling type 2 diabetes. Manipulating acupressure points can help your body with digestive issues that contribute to type 2 diabetes, but they cannot cure it alone. They will do nothing if you do not also improve your diet and get more exercise.

Credit: Yasuko

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