13 Aluminum Foil Hacks that Will Make your Life Easier

Aluminum foil does more than just wrap up food. It’s a wonder material that can do everything from polishing silver, eliminating static in the dryer, and even remove rust.

This tin foil truly earns more attention due to its amazing uses through the walls of your kitchen and beyond. Too many practical uses that we were not familiar with.

Hack #1

As a

Dryer Sheet Replacement
Just wad a foil sheet and make it as a ball

Out of dryer sheets or just want to save some money? You can make a reusable dryer ball out of aluminum foil. Make a ball of foil and toss it in with the wet clothes. It works like a charm and you can use the same foil ball over and over and over.

Hack #2


Battery Converter
Add life to your battery

MacGyver your batteries and save a trip to the store. AAA batteries can double for AA batteries if you have some foil on hand. Put foil on the positive tips of the battery to hold them in place and they’ll work like a charm. It’s a great solution late at night when the last thing you want to do is go shopping.

Hack #3


Aluminum foil for ironing
Amplify your ironing task

Iron two sides at once! Lining the top of your ironing board can make ironing go faster. The foil reflects the heat and you get both sides with one glide.

Hack #4


Bag resealer using aluminum foil
Seal your plastic with foil

Keep food items fresher by sealing your plastic bag with foil. You only need an iron and enough foil to wrap the edge of the plastic bag. Iron the foil. The heat transfers through the foil to melt a seal but won’t stick to the foil or the iron! Keep the iron off the plastic or you’ll have a melted bag and mess on the iron.

Hack #5


Sparkling silverware polisher
Bring back to life on your dull silverwares

Make your silverware sparkle with aluminum foil. Baking soda, boiling hot water, salt and aluminum foil will bring your jewelry or silverware back to life. Just mix it and let it do its magic. 

Line a pan with aluminum foil, add water and 1 tbsp of salt and baking soda. Place your tarnished silverwares and let them sit for 2-3 minutes and rinse and dry them off.

Hack #6


Boost Wifi Signal
Magnify your Wifi signal

Boost your Wifi power with foil. Create a satellite dish of foil to park behind the antenna of your Wifi, aiming it in the direction you need. It magnifies the signal, making online surfing a breeze.

Hack #7


grill cleaner
Keep your grill clean with foil

Keep your grill clean with foil. You don’t have to line the grill top to make aluminum foil useful in keeping your grill clean. When you’re done cooking you can create a ball of foil and rub away the grime. Hold the ball with tongs to prevent burning your hands.

Hack #8

Last Longer

make bananas last longer
make bananas last longer with foil

Bananas last longer when you have foil. Wrapping the stem end with aluminum foil slows the ripening process of bananas and makes them last longer.

Hack #9

In a Snap

sharpens dull scissor
Very handy when sharpening scissor in a snap

Sharpen scissors in a snap with foil. You don’t have to be a genius to do this one. Just cut some foil and it sharpens scissors like a champ.

Hack #10

Steel Wool

Steel Wool Pad Protector
Protect your steel wool from rust

Stop the rust on steel wool scrubbing pads. Drain off the water on your steel wool pad, wrap it in aluminum foil and pop it in the freezer to keep rust from ruining it.

Hack #11


Curl hair with aluminum foil
Trap the heat with foil to curl your hair

Foil works as a beauty product for hair. If you wrap your hair with foil, then use an iron, the foil gently transfers the heat. Use a pin to hold the curl in place until it cools.

Hack #12

from Metal

remove rust from metal with foil
Just dip the foil in water and rub away the rust

You don’t need anything more than a wad of foil to remove rust from metal.
Whether it’s the kid’s bike or your faucet, you won’t find a better ally at removing rust than foil. Cut a small square to make it easier to use, dip it in water and rub away the rust. The metal will sparkle like new.

Hack #13

Without Fuss

Dispose grease with foil
Line a bowl to hold the grease with foil

If you are plagued with leftover grease after cooking, you don’t have to dirty a dish or put it in a “fat” jar to scoop out later. Line a bowl big enough to hold the grease with foil. Pour in the grease and allow it to harden. When it’s hard, wad the foil around the grease and dispose of it without any dirty dishes.

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