Baby Onesie Cupcake Tutorial


You’re going to love this wrapping idea for your next baby shower or baby gift. It’s fantastic! First, you aren’t making cupcakes that look like baby onesies but making baby onesies look like cupcakes. It’s so cute, I wish I would have seen it at Christmas and now am trying to conjure up other clothing articles that you could do for grownup gifts. So far, I’ve got nothing in mind, but give me time.

This was so adorable, I’ve been waiting for someone to announce they’re pregnant and I won’t even wait for a shower, but just give them a gift. In fact, I’m so excited about the idea I probably don’t even have to know the person that well. LOL. I am just kidding. You’ll love it and want to try it right away. If you do, let me know how it well it turned out and any problems you had creating it.

This is a cute and thoughtful way to give a sweet and useful gift when money is tight.

image: cookingandcrafting

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