Bacon Cinnamon Rolls Will Change Brunch Forever


I have found the perfect idea for brunch that is so easy you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of the time and spend it with friends and family, rather than fussing in the kitchen. It’s bacon cinnamon rolls and they take only minutes of prep time. Even if you don’t make enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite the first time….and I guarantee you won’t….it takes only a minute or two to get the next batch in the oven.

I always buy extra ingredients and if I don’t use them, my family gets a great breakfast at dinner in the next few days, but there wasn’t any left over this time. I could see by how quickly the rolls were going that I needed more, so I excused myself from the table and whipped up a second batch. When the timer called my name, everyone was ready for seconds.

I couldn’t let my brunch be this easy, so I peeled grapefruit and oranges for a chilled citrus salad as a side. I always make tons of this when I prepare because the leftovers are always a welcome snack in the fridge.

Credit: foodandwine

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