Can You Guess Which Of These Yolks Came From A Healthy Chicken?


If you’re like me, you probably thought all the fuss about free range eggs was just to get you to buy more expensive eggs. Well, you’d be wrong. I found this video where she compared the two and the difference is amazing. I actually found a local farmer selling free range eggs and did the test myself. The golden yoke compared to the deep orange one wasn’t enough to convince me to switch. I had to do some more investigation.

The color of the yolk comes from the chicken’s diet. In fact, some farmers even add marigolds to the diet to darken the yolk. However, free range yolks are naturally darker because pasture-raised chickens have a healthier diet. The eggs also provide more omega-3 fatty acids and more vitamins, but far less cholesterol. What you eat makes a huge difference in your health. We have eaten butter for years, from pasture fed cows preferably.

I refuse to have anything in the house that pretends it’s something else, even if it’s supposed to be healthy, like soy burgers. Watch this video from bevyh1 and you’ll become a believer too.

Credit: BevyH1

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