Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes


Here’s another easy-to-make smart idea that will have your guests or family begging for more. This easy to make cupcake would be good any time of the day, but I made mine as a dessert for a brunch, and it was the hit of the meal.

What’s sad is that I put hours into making the main dish, but this only took minutes of prep time and got the most raves. It was my lesson always to stick with the easy one, and you can’t go wrong.

You’ll love the innovative way it combines the flavors of cinnamon rolls with the unique flavor and texture of a cupcake. I know most of the guests asked for seconds because it was light and not filling. It was the perfect ending, but the leftovers—although there weren’t as many as I hoped, since I loved the flavor—went just as quickly that night as a snack.

Watch the video and you’ll want to try it immediately.

Credit: Meo View

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