Cinnamon Roll Swirl Pancakes


Having two different family events to attend…a his and a hers, plus one for our family, our holidays are packed and finding time for everything is almost impossible. That’s one reason we’ve started a new tradition. It’s a breakfast celebration.

The night before Christmas, we have one family get together, and Christmas afternoon we have another, but Christmas morning is just for us, my spouse and children. I even went the extra mile and found breakfast ideas that would make it even more memorable.

That’s where these great cinnamon roll pancakes come in. I found this video by YouTuber Gemma Stafford that gives step-by-step directions on how to make these fantastic pancakes. OMG!!!

They were so fantastic that everyone asked for thirds. Luckily, I always overdo when I cook and have way too much, so there was plenty available. I know this is going to be served for every special breakfast occasion. They would make even the dreariest day almost like a holiday.

But beyond that, it’s easy peasy! And so worth it! You don’t even have to make the cream cheese glaze; these are sweet enough without it.

Credit: Gemma Stafford
Image: Recipegirl