Create a Smoothie with this Mason Jar Hacks

Who can’t use a handy hint to reduce chores around the kitchen? Perhaps you’ve heard about the latest Mason jar blender hack, but have yet to try it. It’s really a shock to find out how much work is eliminated when smoothies are made by swapping the pitcher on the blender for a pint-size regular mouth glass Mason jar.

Mason Jar Hacks

The container on your blender is handy for mixing large amounts of liquids. It’s also a pain in the neck to clean. The remaining contents harden on the inside of the container if isn’t cleaned right away. Meanwhile, your cool, frothy smoothie is sitting on the counter in another container getting warm. Grab your handy 16-ounce canning jar and get ready to save a step or two.

Lift the blender container off the unit and unscrew the bottom, removing it along with the gasket and blade. Add juice, fruit, and other ingredients you want in your smoothie. Screw the base tightly onto the jar to form a water-tight seal. Then set the bottom back on the blender and turn on the power.

All that’s left to do after the smoothie’s done is to remove the base, rinse off the blade and gasket, and leave them to dry. Carry your Mason jar blender hack smoothie with you. Look for jars with handles to make toting even more convenient.

Image credit: Household Hackers