Crispy Baked ‘Fried’ Chicken Without All the Fat and Calories


You’ll want to watch this video even if you don’t make the chicken. I loved listening to her voice. She seemed so excited about making and eating the chicken that I wanted to make it….so I did. WOWZA! I loved it, my family loved it, unfortunately—or should I say fortunately?—nobody wanted to share with the dog, so he didn’t get to taste it or he would have loved it. It did taste like fried chicken but without all the greasy splatter and clean up that fried chicken required.

This was so delicious and tasty, I’m going to serve it at my next party, but this time try it with wings. Maybe I’ll try wings before hand just to see if it tastes as good as the drumsticks do. Now I want to make them for supper, but alas, everyone is ready for homemade pizza. Maybe I’ll just do them tomorrow night and serve them with some spicy sauces.

image: divacancook

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