No matter how long I’ve had practice putting on mascara, I never seem to get it right. My eyes never have that full lash look I’m trying to achieve and if I try to get as much as possible at the base, some of the mascara smears on my eyelids and ruins the other makeup I’ve already applied. Evidently, I’m not alone because this video addressed that problem. I don’t feel so bad now, being a mascara school drop out.

This video shows the easiest way to apply mascara and get the fullness you want. You won’t have to worry about your brush accidentally getting a smudge on your upper lid and still get thorough coverage. I loved the idea, but tried it out right after I watched. It works like magic. I looked fabulous and had to change my clothes to go to the grocery just to show off my new look.

image: MakeUpByCamila2