Perfect Detox Lemonade To Battle Holiday Bloat


OHHHHH How I LOVE the family get-togethers with all the wonderful food. My family loves to cook and I truly believe we have some masters of the art that would put great chefs to shame. Unlike great chefs, they don’t put a little dab of this and that on your plate and call it a meal.

Instead, they mound the plates, like a giant version of the food you’d find in fancy restaurants. I never argue with the amount. First, arguing would do no good, but even if it did, I love it so much, I clean my plate. It takes hours before I’ve recuperated enough to even move, but the bloat from the meal continues for days.

I was surfing on the net and just ran across this great idea. I decided to give it a shot and see if it really helped eliminate the bloating and I’m glad to report it works like a charm. Try it and you’ll see how great you look and feel after drinking this. You’ll want to share it with your friends, so feel free to do it. I know I just did.

Credit: Delish