DIY Backless Bra

DIY backless bra

The minute I saw this video I loved it. Not only did it provide an easy way to create your bra for a backless dress. It also gave me something to do with those bras in the drawer that have snagged or stretched out back straps and don’t fit comfortably anymore.

But instead, sit in a pile called “emergency bras,” meaning I only use them if all my other bras need washing or gremlins took them in the middle of the night.

While I only used one, a white bra, if I need a black one, I now know how to make it. It takes about five minutes, but the only equipment you need are things you probably already have, scissors, sewing pins, needle, and thread.

You may not have a backless dress yet or have passed them by because you don’t have a bra that goes with the dress and to you, going without one is not an option.

I fit into the second group. I like the support of wearing a bra, and that’s why the suggestion of using fashion tape on the inner cup for more support also convinced me that I had to try the idea from Ray Lee. You’ll love how easy it is.

credit: RayLee

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