DIY Ballard Design Shoe Storage Plans

I think that you can’t possibly have too many shoes and my guests will confirm that I stand behind my words, as my house looks more like a shoe store. Maybe I go to extremes sometimes and purchase more than I need, but then again I can’t help it, and whenever I lay my eyes upon a pair that I like, I just have to buy it.

Enough of me, though, because what I try to say is that when you have so many shoes, you need to turn creative to store them properly, without making another significant investment.


My first instinct was to purchase a dedicated furniture to stockpile the footwear, but then a good friend of mine challenged me to build a Ballard design storage from scratch.

It sounded like a big challenge, and the very idea of working with lumber was a bit frightening, but now that it is all over I have to say that it is much easier than it seemed.

Help yourself to essential tools such as a saw, a square, a sander, drills and tape measure then get to work, because the desire to see the results of your work will be the best incentive

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DIY Ballard Design Shoe Storage Plans | by Design Confidential

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