DIY Craft: How To Make A Sock Snowman

I like to believe that in most cases you only need creativity and some time on your hands to turn into an artist and works of art can be created with minimal costs. As far as I’m concerned, creativity is not in short supply and if I only had more time, I’d probably decorate my house every other week. As it is, the only time of the year that I dedicate to home decorations is winter-time with Halloween and Christmas being the two catalysts.

This year, I was a bit worried about the fact that I might have ran out of brilliant ideas and the prospect of buying cute things to decorate my house was hardly appealing. Fortunately, I found out that socks are perfect for creating tiny snowmen with the other key ingredients being rice, button and ribbons.


If you were wondering what the rice is for, know that it goes inside the snowmen and it has the property of absorbing moist. This means that even if you decide to place them in an area where humidity could be an issue, they won’t be affected and will easily outlast the winter if you want to keep them that long.

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