DIY Deep Conditioner for Damaged Hair


When you have long hair, you have extra work to keep it looking beautiful. If you color or use a hot blow drier, it can start to look frizzy and dull. I had so many things to get finished these last few months that I didn’t have time to air dry and then style it and using a cool dryer seemed to take almost as long.

I started breaking all my hair care rules and blew it dry with heat to quicken the process. Of course, if you have long hair, you know the ends started looking frayed and now no matter how hard I worked on it, it didn’t look good.

If you’re like me, even though one busy season ends, another one begins, so I knew I had to make time for my hair or cut it short. That wasn’t an option. I found this great recipe for a hair mask that deeply conditions. It used one of my favorite products, coconut oil, so I knew it had to be great. BTW, after I used the pumpkin, we baked the seeds and feasted on them. YUMMERS!

Tip to Remember for All Hair Care:
Warm/Hot opens the hair follicles so that conditioner can penetrate deeper. And cold water closes the hair follicles. So after you shower your hair, after you rinse everything out, rinse again with a blast of frigid water. The coldest you can possibly stand. This cold water blast will also make your hair super shiny!

Credit: iamvanessa

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