Don’t Buy Face Wash —DIY Face Lift & Cleansing Scrub


Whether you want a good facial cleanser that’s inexpensive to make and good for your skin or just want a quick tightening facial, here are two great ideas. If you have a favorite facial product that works for you, you may be reluctant to try it. Luckily, this idea is so inexpensive to make you can try one batch for pennies and not have to pay a fortune for a whole bottle you may not like.

No matter what product you purchase off the shelf, you won’t find one that offers all the benefits of this natural facial wash. Its base is lemon, often known as a healthy addition to any skin care regimen and a great choice as a natural cleanser. You may even use it for other household cleaning, such as cleaning your cutting boards. I love the clean smell and now use this easy cleanser every day, primarily because of it.

Here’s the DIY Cleanser Recipe: guaranteed to penetrate through whatever clogs your pores. Simply combine lemon juice, olive oil, honey, and sugar, then apply on your face to exfoliate and scrub away the dirt sitting upon your skin.

DIY “Lemon Face Lift” recipe: a blend of lemon juice and yogurt, which should be done after the cleansing. Watch the video below for more details.

Credit: Marina DeGiovanni

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