DIY Fireplace Makeover on a Budget

Those who decided to make the financial sacrifice of investing in a fireplace, have no regrets because they have succeeded in transforming their homes virtually overnight. There are few home improvements that come even close to a fireplace, in terms of creating a cozy atmosphere and that’s why this investment is worth every penny. Speaking of which, the costs for a complete makeover of an aging fireplace can be just as inexpensive if you know where to go shopping and are willing to take the do-it-yourself approach.

There is no need to hire a mason for the job or to have a wealth of experience to upgrade your fireplace, as long as you have some time on your hands and the desire to embark on this quest. The materials that can turn your uninspiring fireplace into a gem are inexpensive and somewhat mundane, as they include a knife, a hacksaw, pencils, wet rags and water.

The cornerstone of this project are AirStone bricks and adhesive, but once you get these supplies the only thing that you still need is enthusiasm to make it work. At the end of the day results will speak for themselves and your family budget will remain intact.


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