DIY Itchy Scalp Dandruff Treatment


I love two-fers. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s a product that doubles to do more than just one thing. For instance, yogurt is a two-fer because you can eat it and use it for a complexion mask. When it comes to dandruff, I’ve found nothing better than plain ole’ make your breath smell fresh, Listerine (yellow color only). I had it on my shelf and after I noticed a snowstorm forming on my shoulders, looked for a solution, finding my breath freshening friend might be just that.

Dandruff occurs for a number of reasons. One is not really dandruff, but flaking old product that’s build up on your hair. Since I use very little product, I knew it wasn’t from that. I shampoo and brush my hair frequently and seldom use extension, so it wasn’t from lack of scalp stimulation. I decided it was just ordinary dandruff from bacterial growth, perhaps from my scalp sweating during a workout or maybe just from dry skin. Either way, I wanted to wear my dark clothing again without brushing off my shoulders every few minutes. That’s when I tried the Listerine for my hair.

It worked like a charm and there’s no more flakes, just soft wonderful locks. It only cost a few pennies and I can still use it even after the dandruff is gone to freshen my breath and kill germs in my mouth. It’s simple, easy and probably one of the ways Grandma got rid of her dandruff.

Don’t use this treatment if you have open sores or irritation spots on your scalp since the Listerine may sting, burn or irritate any sores or similar.


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