Finally, A DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner That Doesn’t Leave Streaks


Cleaning a laminate floor isn’t really hard, but it does get frustrating. Every time I cleaned mine it left streaks or a smoky film on it that made it look like I hadn’t touched them in years. I actually went for the store bought cleaner to make sure they came out their best, but you all know how much I hate paying the high prices and using something in my home that contained ingredients I either didn’t know or didn’t want. That’s why I was so glad to find this laminate floor cleaner I could whip up in the kitchen in a few minutes.

This stuff is amazing. I cleaned my floors just like it said in the video and they came out sparkly and bright, almost new looking…except for a couple of small battle scars from years of use. I think you’ll love this stuff and want to share the recipe with all your friends, just like I did.

Image: cleanmyspace

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