DIY Liquid Fabric Softener Recipes

I’ve had an epiphany recently when I realized that for pretty much every commercial product, there is a homemade alternative that is less expensive and in most cases, more effective. Starting from this premise, I’ve conducted some research to come up with the ultimate fabric softener to replace the expensive products that I’ve been purchasing for years. I share this homemade recipe with you and let you decide whether I did the right choice or not, but I think that you would totally agree with me.

Distilled vinegar is the cornerstone ingredient for this fabric softener, white vinegar to the more precise. I couldn’t overstate the importance of buying this ingredient if you don’t have it around, instead of relying on alternatives such as apple cider vinegar. Having said this, white vinegar is completely harmless and unlike other commercial fabric softeners that rely on chemicals to get the job done, won’t have any side effects. You can also kiss bleach goodbye, because you won’t need it anymore even for those persistent stains that seem impossible to remove.


While emphasizing the benefits of using white vinegar for the fabric softener, I think that it is essential to mention that mixing it with bleach is a huge mistake. You might be tempted to create such a concoction, in an attempt of cleaning up the clothes while leaving them soft and silky, but that would only create a dangerous concoction. If you want to mix white vinegar with other ingredients, then please limit yourself to hair conditioner, essential oil or baking soda they all work brilliantly together.

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