Get Longer, Fuller Lashes With Mascara And One Simple Household Ingredient!


I’ve been using a castor oil and olive oil mix on my lashes every night. I understand the castor oil is also good for the eyes and may help prevent cataracts. It seems to be working, but very, very slowly, since it works to nourish the lashes, it will take quite a while to get results. DARN, DARN, DOUBLE DARN!

I want results and I want them NOW! (She said, doing her best impression of Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) I did my research as usual and found this great video that offers instant gratification—at least when it comes to longer, thicker looking lashes. You’ll love how simple and easy to do this idea is.

This video won’t take long to watch, but make sure you have extra time when you watch it. You’ll want to try it out immediately. I know I did. It works like magic and within just a few minutes I have the thick lashes I hoped to achieve with my magic castor oil and olive oil mix. Now, I’m not sure whether to continue putting it on my lashes every night or not. I probably will because it forces me to first remove my mascara and makeup and that’s really important to achieving healthy looking lashes. I also know that once my lashes are naturally thicker, this trick will enhance them even more! Watch and enjoy.