DIY: How To Make Your Own EOS Lip Balm in Just 5 Minutes


Most of us are obsessed with all things lip balm, particularly the EOS Lip balm and its cure packaging. And therefore, you’ve accumulated with a bunch of empty lip balm containers like me. These adorable containers are way too cute to just simply discard them away. So, instead of of throwing away your old EOS containers, why don’t you re-use them by creating your very own DIY Lip balm?

The lip balm recipe isn’t life changing as it’s so easy to create and experiment the flavors of your DIY lip balm. But the packaging hack itself takes the DIY lip balm up a notch. Take a look for yourself and see to re-creates or upcycle your favorite old EOS containers with this simple tutorial.

You’ll Need :

  • Beeswax (I got mine from
  • Coconut Oil (you can find at any grocery store)
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Peppermint Oil (or any scented essential oil – this is optional)
  • Lipstick or Crayons for color
  • Plastic pots

Credit: whats up mom

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