DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases from Plastic Bottles


Every once in a while, like about every day, I get really excited when I see something that’s so cool I want to make it immediately. These little containers are so easy to make and have so many ways you can use them. I made a bunch before vacation and put all the crayons and pencils in to keep the kids occupied. I even made some for gifts and put money inside them that I folded to look like flowers.

These are so easy and fun to make, I’m on the look out for more ideas, so if you find a way to use them that you love, feel free to share it. If you don’t have a glue gun, you’ll need one to make them. I already had one and even some zippers in the sewing drawer that I purchased when they were on sale. You can make big ones from the large pop or water bottles, but I really like the smaller ones for gifts. I did fill one with M&M’s and put it on the coffee table. It was a bad idea as I emptied it that night.

Check out this easy tutorial and learn to make a couple of these creative zipper cases from plastic bottles.

image: makeitloveit

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