DIY Wrinkle Release Spray – Alternative to Ironing

I don’t consider myself lazy or anything but whenever I have the option of simplifying my mission by using a smart homemade remedy to a common issue, I embrace it with all my heart. I’m not a big fan of ironing, but then again I wouldn’t leave my home with an outfit full of wrinkles, so something had to be done about it. Although I’m yet to find a definitive solution and I still iron shirts and formal outfits before important occasions, I’ve stumbled over something equally interesting and practical.

For all those clothes that are prone to get wrinkles, I’m using a wrinkle releaser spray that does a brilliant job in eliminating wrinkles on short notice. It can be a lifesaver for those occasions when you just realize that the clothes you are about to put on are riddled with wrinkles and time is quickly running out. The miracle solution consists of a little water and some fabric softener, with pretty much any product being suitable for creating this do-it-yourself recipe.


You will also need a spray container to release the concoction on the wrinkled item and once you apply it on, the only thing left is to stretch the garment a bit. Just like me, you will watch in disbelief how the wrinkles melt away and in less than an hour they will look as sharp as if they just came out of the ironing board. Just a friendly reminder, please wait for half an hour at least put them on before putting them on.

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