Easy Cheese Bread for Unique Party Appetizer


I used to think that only hair depended on a good cut, but I now stand corrected after I saw this really unique party appetizer or meal rounder on LOL.me. Now, you can make a snack that has dazzle when it comes to presentation and tastes fabulous, but you don’t have to take hours to make it. In fact, preparation time is as little as five minutes and bake time about three.

It’s all about how the bread is cut to achieve the fabulous look and ease of serving that everyone loved. I served it at the last couples night and had to make a second—luckily it’s quick. Even my girlfriend Marty, who never eats bread because she insists that just sniffing any type of bread is enough to put on 20 pounds, had second and third helpings.

The first loaf went in seconds—since everyone wanted four or five pieces. Marty went into the kitchen with me to help me make another loaf and literally screamed when she found out how amazingly simple this snack really was. In fact, she suggested we stay in the kitchen a bit longer just so no one else would realize that. Sad but true, we did just that. Of course, my reasoning was that we absolutely had to wait for the oven to warm, but we did stand around talking about five minutes after the over beeped, announcing the temperature was perfect. On the first one I used chives and mozzarella cheese, but this time I stuffed the bread with cheddar and crumbled bacon and it went just as fast as the first loaf.

Image: Kitchen adventures

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