3 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

How many times do you wake up in the morning but once again you hit the snooze, run out of time, and always end up doing the same thing—low ponytail, straight but flat, or absolutely nothing.

If you have a short/medium length hair, one of the biggest draws is that the upkeep is super easy: You can just get up, make sure no weird pieces are sticking up, and be out the door.

But sometimes, we chicas with cropped ’dos want to shake up our looks, OR you wake up in the morning and want to do something different with your hair. And in those cases, it can feel like we don’t have much to work with.

Luckily, there are ways to work with the short locks you’ve got. First, go out and buy a stockpile of bobby pins—they’re short hair’s best friends. Then, watch these tutorials for some easy up-dos for your chopped-off tresses.

Please watch the video below ↓ ↓

Credit: Patry Jordan

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