Hairstyle Tutorial: Easy Headband Braid


I absolutely fell in love with this video because I adore the style. It looks soft and romantic, yet is something I can use everyday to keep my hair from falling in my eyes. I just love the effect of hairbands, but don’t like how they look or feel on my head, so it’s a perfect solution. I’ve used this when working in the garden, but also worn my hair this way for an evening out. That’s how versatile it is.

You’ll be ready for anything after watching this tutorial. I do suggest you test drive it first, maybe when you’re ready to use it for something active. I didn’t get it perfect the first time, but luckily I was creating the style for a more practical purpose rather than for an evening on the town. After a few attempts, I found I could have it up in no time, just like the video shows. It only takes minutes and looks fantastic.

image: fashionbeautylights