Get Ready for Any Special Occasion with an Elegant Updo That’s Easy


Getting ready for this year’s celebration always includes spending time searching for a special look that says formal and elegant, yet confident enough to look relaxed. My hair plays an important part of the look I hope to achieve. Many of the formal hairstyles I’ve run across while looking elegant, also look stiff and unapproachable. I don’t want that look. I want confident and confident welcomes conversation and camaraderie.

Some of the other styles I found may be perfect, but OMG! They require a lot of muss and fuss and would take me hours to get it right. I’d rather spend that time on other things, like relaxing a bit and laying down for fifteen minutes with cucumbers on my lids to make my eyes look sparkly and less stressed before I head out for the night. Taking time to relax before I put on makeup and do my hair is a ritual that has always given me a mental boost and made me look my best.

I practiced on my hair a few nights before for two reasons. The first was to ensure I could create this braid easily. The second was to make sure it provided the look I wanted. It was fantastic and only took about five minutes. I even shared the link and a few of the rubber bands with two of my friends, who hate messing with their hair but want an elegant look. They loved it too. I actually got a great makeup tip back from one of them that I intend to use soon.

See how it’s done in the video below!

Abby Smith

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