Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer That Works


This stuff is great year around, but particularly nice in the winter when everyone seems to have a runny nose or signs of the flu, but go out in public anyway and share their misery. I guess you can’t do much about having a cold or everyone would stay home a lot of days during the winter, but I’ve seen people that are obviously suffering from something more severe than a cold walking through stores or in other crowded places.

I do understand people needing to work or buy groceries making the trip, but I’ve even seen people at the movies, in casinos or at fancy restaurants hacking and spewing germs everywhere.

I’ve always carried hand sanitizer. In summer it’s great when traveling and in the winter, well, you already read my rant. Now you can make your own at home. While it doesn’t normally cost that much, most of the ones off the shelf dry my hands. This one actually moisturizes them and I can make it in any scent I choose.

Note: Use 1 ½ or 2 tbsp glycerine for extra softening instead of moisturizing oil.

Credit: cleanmyspace

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