Essential Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Every day it seems there’s something more to do, leaving little personal time. Just getting dressed in the morning can appear to be too time-consuming when you’re in a hurry.

Thank heaven for the internet. Not only are there great ideas for meals, nutritional and health information, there are also excellent beauty tips to help you look your best with as little hassle as possible.

Sometimes just knowing how to do something right, such as apply under eye concealer or prevent lipstick from sticking to your teeth, can make the difference between looking your impeccable best and having a major makeup disaster everyone notices but nobody mentions.

Here’s a list of some great tips for makeup and hair care that will make your day go smoother and even cut time in some cases, particularly if you plan to put glitter polish on your nails. You may not use all the hacks shown, but I guarantee you’ll find one that will make it worth the two minutes you spent watching.

I loved the tip on preventing lipstick smudges, too. I ended the video with at least three helpful hints that will help me look my best without spending a ton of time doing it. You may find a tip or two a friend could use. Don’t forget to share the video with them, too.