Face Mapping: What is your Acne Telling You?


Have you ever wonder why you have a tendency to get zits consistently in the same spot of your face? How about the cystic acne down your jaw bone and chin area and yet you only experienced whiteheads and blackheads against your temple or forehead?

How come your face is in pretty bad shape while your T-Zone is typically spotless? And why you get zits regardless your skin isn’t oily to the slightest degree?

Face Mapping, are you familiar with this technique?
Face mapping is a form of skin assessment which describes the reason why and how particular parts of your face are linked to various parts of your body.

As a result of consolidated expertise in skin doctors who have evaluated skin behaviors combined with the early Chinese therapeutic techniques, there exists a savvy approach to understanding and deal with skin flaws using “face mapping.”

Credit: asianbeauty

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