How to Fix False Lashes When the Ends Detach


I have had these lashes in the drawer for three years. I did try once to apply them, but the ends kept breaking loose, making it look like a wiggling caterpillar on my upper lid. These were super expensive, but I found them at a huge discount when one of the local businesses was closing and thought they’d be divine for a special occasion. So far, the only occasion I used them for was the test run and that didn’t work out so well.

I did some surfing the other day and ran across this video by Koren that offers an amazing tip that helped tremendously. Not only does the video show you how to fix the loose end problem easily, it also shows you how to apply the lashes right in the first place so the problem doesn’t happen. I did a second test run and still had a little bit of trouble, but the tip from the video helped me correct the problem immediately. Now I’m just waiting for the next big day to wear them and it can’t come soon enough for me.

Credit: Enkoremakeup