Removing Fishy Smells from Fresh SeaFood with This Simple Trick


I purchased two fish fillets from the local market for dinner last week. When I got them out to cook, they had that fishy smell that made me wonder whether the store lied, saying it was caught that day. Rather than take the chance it was bad, I looked on the internet to find how to tell if fish has passed its prime and found this video. It not only gave me a quick tip on how to tell if fish has gone bad, it also gave me a great tip on how to eliminate that fishy smell.

I tried their tip and it worked like a charm. Not only did the fish smell better before I cooked it, it tasted like it was just caught and immediately prepared. The meat was sweet and delectable and even my biggest fish critic loved it. I guess, sometimes, you can please everyone.

Credit: AmericasTestKitchen