Get Longer Lashes In Just One Week With This Easy, 3-Ingredient Formula


Not being a patient person, I decided to find if there was something else I could use to make my lashes grow longer and thicker. Nailed it! Instead of mixing castor oil with extra virgin olive oil, which I think has a very light almost imperceptible funky odor, I am glad I kept looking because I found another solution that not only sounds like it should work better because of the extra nutrients but smells a lot better.

By the way, if you don’t notice any particular smell from olive oil, don’t worry, neither can my family members, but I’ve seen it on every bottle of olive oil I’ve ever used. It may be just me.

Anyway, I do love the yummy smell of coconut oil, so that’s a plus for this one. Everyone in my family can smell the coconut oil, so I know it does have a delightful fragrance.

Creating the elixir is easy. You should store it in a small sterile container with a lid. I also read one mixture that used emu oil, castor oil, coconut oil and vitamin E and they suggested you put it in a dropper bottle. One thing that’s important to remember when using coconut oil.

Don’t stick it in the refrigerator. It hardens. If it firms up in your mixture, just run the container under warm water, and it will melt. You might want to blend it a bit more too. The video shows you how to apply it. It’s easy, and they say it works fast. YAY!

Credit: rclbeauty