Grated Frozen Lemon Health Benefits: Prevent Cancer, Tumors, Cysts Etc.


I use a lot of lemon in my cooking, especially lemon zest because it has such a powerful flavor. When I watched this video by YouTuber Jesusfreak PC, I was blown away by his idea. He froze the lemon, then grated it. That way he could mix the pulp, skin and pith. The pith, the white part of the lemon just under the yellow skin is packed with nutrients, but is often too bitter for our taste. By freezing the lemon and mixing the gratings, you get all the lemony flavor but with extra nutrients.

Lemons offer so many antioxidants, but they also have phytonutrients called flavinoids. These may be even better for your health than the vitamin C in lemon. One of the flavonoids is called naringenin, which may help the body DNA damage that could lead to cancer. Aside from the health benefits, I like the idea of freezing the lemon, then keeping it in the freezer in a container. You’ll have it ready whenever you need it for your next recipe and waste nothing.

Credit: JesusFreakPC