6 Hacks for Painful Shoes


I love new clothing and especially new shoes, but I hate that new shoe feeling that seems to take forever to eliminate. The key, of course, is to buy clothing, especially shoes, that fit well. No matter how hard you try or successful you think you are, after wearing a pair for several hours, you often find they pinch and blister, torturing your feet all day long and making life miserable.

When my “uniform” for my job was a two piece suit with high heels, I often suffered through a few weeks trying to break in new shoes. That frequently led to the shoes remaining under my desk and occasionally an embarrassing barefoot moment when I forgot to put them on to meet a client.

Aside from wearing tennis shoes, old shoes or the same pair of shoes with each outfit. I used to suffer through those weeks, occasionally wearing the high heels on the weekend with my sweats and pajamas, just to help break them in faster. Even though my spouse got a kick out the formal/informal look, it did help make the process go faster.

I wish I had seen this video then and added socks to the breaking in period. That would have sped the process up dramatically. You’ll love some of the feet saving ideas from Glamrs.com.