Turn Curly, Frizzy Hair into Straight, Voluminous Hair – Hair BlowOut Tutorial


It’s a great feeling when some nice person shampoos your hair and lets you sit reading a magazine in a sleepy, warm, semi-comatose state while they blast hot hair at your scalp. I get that. I really do.

But I’m telling you, once I learned how to achieve a bouncy blowout on my own, at home, I’ve had more hair happiness than I ever imagined. Sure, I can’t do it as “perfectly” as a professional hairstylist . But it’s cheap (or FREE) saves you money and once you learn the right technique, maybe even… FUN?!

I have had the frizziest, most coarse, unmanageable curly hair pretty much my entire life! These are just the techniques I’ve learned over the years that work the best to fool everyone into thinking I have straight, silky, bouncy locks.

Credit: nurberxo