3 Homemade Miraculous Hair Oil To Turn Premature Grey Hair Into Natural Black

Homemade hair oil for premature grey hair

Have you noticed the first gray hairs in your perfectly styled locks? Though this is a natural part of aging, it can be quite distressing. Getting rid of gray hair is simple, and every drugstore will have dozens of options for you to pick. The problem with these options is that they often contain harsh chemicals and additives that are anything but unhealthy.

So, what can you do about those annoying gray hairs without turning to chemical-filled dyes? The good news is that a couple of kitchen staples can help you restore the beautiful color of your hair. Hair oil treatments for gray hair are natural, easy to use and quite effective.

Here are 3 of the best possibilities for making your hair beautiful and getting rid of those gray strands in your locks.

Remedy 1

  • Mix 10 – 12 tbsp sesame seeds oil and 2-3 tbsp fresh bottle gourd juice
  • Put it under direct sunlight for 1 hour
  • Massage your scalp and hair gently at bed time with this oil
  • Wash your hair in morning
  • Repeat it every alternate day
  • Your grey hair will turn into natural black hair gradually

Remedy 2

  • Massage your scalp by Ghee made of cow’s milk
  • Use this beauty tip twice a week
  • It will make your hair black and increase the strength of your hair

Remedy 3

  • Mix 1 table spoon amla juice in 3 table spoon almond oil
  • Massage your scalp and hair with this oil daily at bed time.
  • Your grey hair will turn into natural black hair by continuous application

Credit: Ekonji